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Maintenance scheduling, management and reporting – all in one place.

Improve your maintenance workflows and get back to business with a maintenance scheduling platform & job management software that understands how you work.

Requests & Scheduling

Simplyclik is designed to help manage maintenance requests. We connect businesses with trades for seamless job completion, whether it be one-off break-fix work or regular services.

Step One

Submit a work order in just a few simple clicks

Step Two

Where required, head office approves the request

Step Three

Contractor accepts and schedules maintenance

Reviews & Approvals

Ensure maintenance workflows are streamlined and work gets done on time. With Simplyclik, you’ll get complete transparency over where a job is at, photo evidence of completion and the ability to approve work, all from your phone or desktop.

building maintenance scheduling software approval preview

Set a pre-approved list of contractors

building maintenance scheduling software preview

Get notified about how a job is tracking

building maintenance scheduling software completion preview

Review & approve work through a single app

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights and create more accurate forecasts with a detailed analytics and reporting system built into your maintenance management platform. Simplyclik helps you to understand exactly where time is being spent, how often and by whom to make maintenance planning a breeze.

  • Simplify maintenance admin
  • Know exactly where time is being spent
  • Review reporting data for simpler forecasting

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